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Data on different seed harvesting methods used in grassland restoration on ex-arable land

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    0518040 - BÚ 2020 RIV DE eng J - Journal Article
    Albert, Ágnes-Júlia - Mudrák, Ondřej - Jongepierová, I. - Fajmon, K. - Frei, I. - Ševčíková, M. - Klimešová, Jitka - Doležal, Jiří
    Data on different seed harvesting methods used in grassland restoration on ex-arable land.
    Data in Brief. Roč. 25, AUG 2019 (2019), č. článku 104011. ISSN 2352-3409
    R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA17-19376S; GA ČR(CZ) GA17-09979S
    Institutional support: RVO:67985939
    Keywords : Bílé Karpaty * Functional traits * Grassland * Old field * Monitoring * Seed addition methods * Seed dispersal
    OECD category: Ecology
    Method of publishing: Open access

    We present data of the grassland restoration experiment performed in the Bile Karpaty Mts. (White Carpathians, Czech Republic) in dry species-rich meadows. First we harvested seed material in a preserved source meadow (donor site hereafter) by brush harvesting the vegetation once (B1 hereafter), brush harvesting three times during the season (B3 hereafter), and by cutting green hay (GH hereafter). Then we determined the species composition and seed quantity of the harvested material. Furthermore, we transferred the seeds to an experimental site on ex-arable land (receptor site hereafter), and monitored the development of the meadow communities in the following five years. Data are interpreted in: A-J. Albert, O. Mudrak, I. Jongepierova, K. Fajmon, I. Frei, M. Sevcikova, J. Klimesova, J. Dolezal, Grassland restoration on ex-arable land by transfer of brush-harvested propagules and green hay.
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    Albert, Mudrak, Klimešová, Doležal. Data in brief.pdf21.6 MBPublisher’s postprintopen-access
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