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Screening of acyclovir permeation through skin using alaptide

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    0467695 - ÚIACH 2017 RIV CZ eng C - Conference Paper (international conference)
    Bobálová, Janette - Černíková, A. - Bobáľ, P. - Jampílek, J.
    Screening of acyclovir permeation through skin using alaptide.
    CECE 2016. 13th International Interdisciplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis. Brno: Ústav analytické chemie AV ČR, v. v. i., 2016 - (Foret, F.; Křenková, J.; Drobníková, I.; Klepárník, K.), s. 83-86. ISBN 978-80-904959-4-4.
    [CECE 2016. International Interdisciplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis /13./. Brno (CZ), 17.10.2016-19.10.2016]
    Institutional support: RVO:68081715
    Keywords : acyclovir permeation * chemical permeation enhancers * skin permeation experiments
    Subject RIV: CB - Analytical Chemistry, Separation

    This investigation deals with the affection of the permeation of acyclovir through fullthickness
    pig ear skin using a Franz diffusion cell from the donor vehicle of propylene
    glycol/water (1:1) using synthesised (S)-8-methyl-6,9-diazaspiro[4.5]decane-7,10-
    dione, alaptide as a potential transdermal permeation enhancer.
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