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超越转型 中国与中东欧的社会变迁

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    0467273 - SOÚ 2017 RIV CN chi M - Monography Chapter
    Hamplová, Dana - Simonová, Natalie
    [Adult education in the Czech Republic.]
    超越转型 中国与中东欧的社会变迁. Peking: Social Sciences Academic Press China, 2016 - (Lu, P.), s. 120-138. ISBN 978-7-5097-9605-4
    Institutional support: RVO:68378025
    Keywords : post-communist transformation * adult education
    OECD category: Political science

    德國1989年後變革的空間維度. 本书汇集了来自中国、匈牙利、捷克、波兰、保加利亚等国学者的文章,内容既涉及宏观的社会结构变迁,又涉及健康、教育、农村等领域,还包括最新的网络研究方法。

    The chapter analyses adult education in the Czech Republic in the post-communist era. First, it describes the Czech educational system and available forms of adult education. Second, it analyses various datasets to show who participates in the adult education. Finally, it estimates the impact of the adult education on job mobility. The analysis indicate that participation in adult education is correlated with the achieved level of education as more educated individuals are more likely to get involved in further learning. Moreover, Czech women are more active than Czech men. They also gain more from the educational upgrading than men.

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