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Cytogenetic investigations in Sciurus anomalus from Turkish Thrace (Rodentia: Sciuridae)

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    0383673 - ÚBO 2013 RIV BG eng J - Journal Article
    Arslan, A. - Zima, Jan
    Cytogenetic investigations in Sciurus anomalus from Turkish Thrace (Rodentia: Sciuridae).
    Acta Zoologica Bulgarica. Roč. 64, č. 4 (2012), s. 421-426. ISSN 0324-0770
    Institutional support: RVO:68081766
    Keywords : karyotype * C-banding * Ag-NOR staining * Caucasian squirrel * Turkey
    OECD category: Zoology
    Impact factor: 0.309, year: 2012
    Method of publishing: Open access

    In this study, cytogenetic characteristics of Caucasian squirrel (Sciurus anomalus) from Thrace province of European Turkey were investigated. Conventional chromosome staining, Ag-NOR staining and Cbanding analysis were carried out in the karyotype of two female specimens studied. The karyotype included 40 biarmed chromosomes (FN=80). Most of chromosomes had distinct positive C-heterochromatic regions in the centromeric areas. The short arms of two submetacentric autosomes appeared to be entirely C-heterochromatic, and a small submetacentric autosome possessed a dark C-band in the terminal region of the long arm. The NORs were localized in the telomeric areas of the C-positive short arms of two pairs of submetacentric autosomes possessing secondary constrictions. The distribution of C-heterochromatin regions and the active NORs differentiates the individuals from Thrace from the previously studied Caucasian squirrels from Anatolia.
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