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A new species of Chaetosphaeria with Menispora ciliata and phialophora-like

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    0310864 - BÚ 2009 RIV HK eng J - Journal Article
    Réblová, Martina - Seifert, K. A.
    A new species of Chaetosphaeria with Menispora ciliata and phialophora-like.
    [Nový druh Chaetosphaeria with Menispora ciliata a phialophora anamorfami.]
    Fungal Diversity. Roč. 29, - (2008), s. 99-105. ISSN 1560-2745. E-ISSN 1878-9129
    R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA206/06/1806
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z60050516
    Keywords : Chaetosphaeriales * phialidic conidiogenesis * cultivation
    Subject RIV: EF - Botanics
    Impact factor: 2.279, year: 2008

    A new species of Chaetosphaeria with a Menispora ciliata anamorph is described from decayed wood of Acer campestre collected in the Czech Republic. A phialophora-like synanamorph was produced in vitro on potato carrot agar medium. The ITS rDNA data clearly confirms the placement of Ch. ciliata in the Menispora group. Based on ascus and ascospore morphology and similarity of ITS sequences, Ch. ciliata is most closely related to Ch. pulviscula.

    Nový druh v r. Chaetosphaeria s Menispora ciliata a phialophora anamorfami je popsán z tlejícího dřeva Acer campestre v České republice. Synanamorfa phialophora rostla pouze v in vitro podmínkách na PCA agaru. ITS DNA sekvenační data potvrdili umístění Chaetosphaeria ciliata v Menispora skupině. Na základě morfologických znaků vřecek a askospor a podobnosti ITS sekvencí, je Ch. ciliata příbuzná Ch. pulviscula.
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