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UV-LED photopolymerised monoliths

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    0310051 - ÚIACH 2009 RIV GB eng J - Journal Article
    Abele, S. - Nie, F. - Foret, František - Paull, B. - Macka, M.
    UV-LED photopolymerised monoliths.
    [UV-LED fotopolymerizované monolity.]
    Analyst. Roč. 133, č. 7 (2008), s. 864-866. ISSN 0003-2654. E-ISSN 1364-5528
    R&D Projects: GA AV ČR KAN400310651
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40310501
    Keywords : photopolymerisation * UV-LED * polymethacrylate monolith
    Subject RIV: CB - Analytical Chemistry, Separation
    Impact factor: 3.761, year: 2008

    Photopolymerisation of polymer monoliths has been realised with UV-light emitting diodes (LEDs) as light source and demonstrated with polymethacrylate monoliths created in fused silica capillaries and plastic chips.

    Fotopolymerizace polymerních monolitů byla provedena s pomocí UV LED diod. Polymethylmetakrylátové monolity byly připraveny uvnitř křemenných kapilár a plastických chipů.
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Number of the records: 1  

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