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Microsolvation of the dicyanamide anion: [N(CN)2-] (H2O)n (n=0-12)

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    0305607 - ÚOCHB 2008 RIV US eng J - Journal Article
    Jagoda-Cwiklik, Barbara - Wang, X. B. - Woo, H. K. - Yang, J. - Wang, G. J. - Zhou, M. - Jungwirth, Pavel - Wang, L. S.
    Microsolvation of the dicyanamide anion: [N(CN)2-] (H2O)n (n=0-12).
    [Mikrosolvatace dikyanoamidového aniontu: [N(CN)2-](H2O)n (n=0-12).]
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Roč. 111, - (2007), s. 7719-7725. ISSN 1089-5639. E-ISSN 1520-5215
    R&D Projects: GA MŠMT LC512; GA MŠMT ME 644
    Grant - others:NSF(US) CHE-0431512; NSF(US) CHE-0209719; NNSF(CN) 20528303
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40550506
    Keywords : photoelectron spectroscopy * ab initio calculations * ion solvation
    Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry
    Impact factor: 2.918, year: 2007

    Photoelectron spectroscopy is combined with ab initio calculations to study the microsolvation of the dicyanamide anion.

    Fotoelektronová spektroskopie je kombinována s ab initio výpočty ke studiu mikrosolvatace dikyanoamidového aniontu.
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Number of the records: 1  

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