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Plasmachemical reduction and carbidation of ilmenite

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    0103256 - UFP-V 20040125 RIV CZ eng C - Conference Paper (international conference)
    Janča, J. - Eliáš, M. - Brožek, Vlastimil
    Plasmachemical reduction and carbidation of ilmenite.
    [ Plazmochemická redukce a karbidace ilmenitu.]
    Proceedings of the 14th Joint Seminar "Development of Materials Science in Research and Education". Praha: MAXDORF,s.r.o, 2004 - (Nitsch, K.; Rodová, M.), s. 23-24. ISBN 80-7345-032-1.
    [Development of Materials Science in Research and Education - DMS-RE 2004 /14./. Lednice (CZ), 31.08.2004-03.09.2004]
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z2043910
    Keywords : ilmenite, free standing parts, plasmachemical reduction
    Subject RIV: JH - Ceramics, Fire-Resistant Materials and Glass

    Plasma spraying is a thermal spraying method applied mostly to produce coatings and functionally graded materials. Plasma spraying of ilmenite free-standing parts and coatings on metallic substrates has been mastered at IPP Praha. This report concerns compact ilmenite parts undergoing a reduction in hydrogen plasma, inductively and capacitive generated. In accordance with theoretical predictions, metallic iron was selectively reduced from ilmenite, while any form of hydrogen present in the plasma did not reduce titania. After the reduction, the products did not change their dimensions and shape, apart from a minute contraction (whose extent is now being measured). The thermal expansion coefficient of ilmenite is 9,98.10-6 K-1 in the 100-750°C range; for our products, it is slightly lower. The goal of further research is to find conditions to obtain anatase structure of the titania in the formed composite.

    Byla ověřena plazmová depozice ilmenitu na kovové substráty a metoda plasma spraying pro získání jeho sferoidizovaných částic. Produkty depozice byly následně zpracovány ve vodíkovém plazmatu na kompozitní materiál typu MMC s cílem dosažení anatasové struktury oxidu titaničitého a byly proměřeny jeho dilatometrické parametry
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