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Structure of even-even beryllium isotopes studied by AMD plus GCM method

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    0101890 - UJF-V 20043079 RIV CZ eng J - Journal Article
    Thiamová, Gabriela - Itagaki, N. - Otsuka, T.
    Structure of even-even beryllium isotopes studied by AMD plus GCM method.
    [Struktura sudo-sudých izotopů berylia studovaná metodou AMD+GCM.]
    Czechoslovak Journal of Physics. Roč. 54, č. 7 (2004), s. 739-747. ISSN 0011-4626
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z1048901
    Keywords : antisymmetrized molecular dynamics
    Subject RIV: BG - Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Colliders
    Impact factor: 0.292, year: 2004

    The ground state properties and the properties of low-lying states of the even-even 6Be-12Be beryllium isotopes are investigated using the extended version of the Antisymmetrized Molecular Dynamics Multi-Slater Determinant model. The theoretical method is found to be very useful to study ground state properties of various nuclei covering light unstable nuclei. Many experimental data can be successfully reproduced by the adopted approach. Binding energies, the energies of the 21+ states, electromagnetic transition strengths and quadrupole moments of proton and neutron distribution are calculated

    Základní a nízko ležící stavy izotopů - jsou studovány rozšířenou verzí metody AMD, která je velmi vhodná pro studium lehkých, nestabilních jader. Jsou reprodukovány vazbové energie, energie stavů, elektromagnetické přechody a kvadrupólové momenty neutronů a protonů.
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