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Magnetic structure of URhSi single crystal

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    0100074 - FZU-D 20040050 RIV NL eng J - Journal Article
    Prokeš, K. - Andreev, Alexander V. - Honda, F. - Sechovský, V.
    Magnetic structure of URhSi single crystal.
    [Magnetická struktura monokrystalu URhSi.]
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. Roč. 261, - (2003), s. 131-138. ISSN 0304-8853. E-ISSN 1873-4766
    R&D Projects: GA ČR GA202/02/0739
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z1010914
    Keywords : URhSi single crystal * magnetization * neutron diffraction * magnetic structure determination
    Subject RIV: BM - Solid Matter Physics ; Magnetism
    Impact factor: 0.910, year: 2003

    Structural studies by means of single-crystal neutron diffraction show that URhSi crystallizes in the orthorombic TiNiSi-type of structure. Combined magnetic and neutron diffraction experiments on a single crystal show collinear ferromagnetic order of U moments of 0.58±0.09 .mu.B /U oriented along the c axis below 10.5 K

    Studium pomocí neutronové difrakce ukazuje, že URhSi krystalizuje v ortorombické TiNiSi struktuře. Kombinace magnetických a difrakčních experimentů na monokrystalu ukazuje kolineární feromagnetické uspořádání pod 10.5 K s momenty U velikosti 0.58±0.09 .mu.B /U orientovanými podél c osy
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