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Theoretical models of ferromagnetic III-V semiconductors

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    0100026 - FZU-D 20040002 RIV NL eng J - Journal Article
    Jungwirth, Tomáš - Sinova, J. - Kučera, Jan - MacDonald, A. H.
    Theoretical models of ferromagnetic III-V semiconductors.
    [Teoretické modely feromagnetických polovodičů typu III-V.]
    Current Applied Physics. Roč. 3, - (2003), s. 461-464. ISSN 1567-1739. E-ISSN 1878-1675.
    [Mesoscopic Electronics COST Workshop. Catania, 16.10.2002-19.10.2002]
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z1010914
    Keywords : ferromagnetic semiconductors * diluted magnetic semiconductors * magneto-transport
    Subject RIV: BM - Solid Matter Physics ; Magnetism
    Impact factor: 1.117, year: 2002

    Brief review of the theoretical work over the 1998-2002 period. Basic microscopic origins of ferromagnetism in compounds with the highest transition temperature appears to be well understood

    Stručný přehled teoretických prací o původu feromagnetismu v polovodičích
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Number of the records: 1  

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