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Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy - III. Abstract Book

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    0049549 - GLÚ 2007 RIV CZ eng G - Proceedings (international conference)
    Mikuláš, Radek (ed.) - Rindsberg, A. K. (ed.)
    Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy - III. Abstract Book.
    [Workshop o ichnotaxonomii - III. Sborník abstrakt.]
    Prague: Institute of Geology, AS CR, 2006. 37 s. ISBN 80-903511-2-3.
    [Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy /3./. Praha, Jevíčko (CZ), 04.09.2006- 09.09.2006]
    R&D Projects: GA ČR GA205/04/0151
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30130516
    Keywords : ichnology * nomenclature * taxonomy * fossil behaviour
    Subject RIV: EG - Zoology

    The conference and its contributions covered by the Abstract Book were focused namely on treatment of eggs as specific case of “substrate” or “clasts”, boundary of fossil and recent material, position of micromprphology among the already well-established ichnotaxobases, classification of trackways, taphonomic problems, acceptability of “substrate-crossing” ichnogenera, treatment of bioturbate structures made by plants, and treatment of size as an ichnotaxobase.

    Příspěvky z konference Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy - III byly zaměřeny na dosud téměř nediskutovaná témata, jako např. posuzování vajec jako specifických bioklastů, význam mikromorfologie stěny při popisu a interpretaci fosilních stop.
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