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On the modelling turbulent transition in turbine cascades with flow separation

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    0503135 - ÚT 2020 RIV GB eng J - Journal Article
    Louda, Petr - Příhoda, Jaromír
    On the modelling turbulent transition in turbine cascades with flow separation.
    Computers & Fluids. Roč. 181, March (2019), s. 160-172. ISSN 0045-7930
    R&D Projects: GA TA ČR TH02020057
    Institutional support: RVO:61388998
    Keywords : turbine cascade * transition model * separation bubble * shock wave-boundary layer interaction
    Subject RIV: BK - Fluid Dynamics
    OBOR OECD: Applied mechanics
    Impact factor: 2.399, year: 2019

    The work discusses performance, modification and implementation details of three intermittency based transition models. The intermittency is applied in the SST eddy viscosity turbulence model and in an explicit algebraic Reynolds stress model (EARSM). Experimental results of transonic flows through turbine cascades at different Reynolds numbers are used as test cases, where the interaction of shock wave with laminar or turbulent boundary layer can be distinguished and reproduced in simulations. Of the transition models tested, only the criteria based (gamma-zeta model captures well the influence of Reynolds number on the transition. The criterion for transition on separation bubble has been re-formulated so that the model is local in stream-wise direction and applicable also in 3D flows. The model is still non-local in wall- normal direction but this is found acceptable considering its performance and the fact that its evaluation is made fully automatic in the framework of structured multi-block solver.
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