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The 6th interdisciplinary ALMA conference: Paiting as a story

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    0489559 - ÚACH 2019 RIV eng U - Conference, Workshop Arrangement
    Bezdička, Petr - Hradil, David - Dostál, O. - Fogaš, I. - Hradilová, J. - Jacques, V. - Kanický, V. - Kohútová, V. - Kužel, R. - Machatová, Z. - Pospíšilová, E. - Reháková, M. - Skotáková, M. - Stojkovičová, D. - Šídová, K. - Vizárová, K.
    The 6th interdisciplinary ALMA conference: Paiting as a story.
    [Brno, 01.06.2017-03.06.2017, (K-EUR 110/64)]
    Institutional support: RVO:61388980
    Keywords : pigment degradation * painting technique * restoration and conservation * materials analysis
    Subject RIV: CB - Analytical Chemistry, Separation
    OBOR OECD: Analytical chemistry

    The 6th interdisciplinary ALMA conference was held in the historical premises of Augustinian Abbey, Mendel Square, Brno, on 1st-3rd June 2017 and was preceded by the 2nd CrysAC Workshop focused on crystallographic issues of pigment degradation. The topic of the conference was Painting as a story, where the need of an interdisciplinary approach can be seen in every potential context. Paintings do change after being painted. Significant changes affect their identity and authenticity. The conference was focused on interdisciplinary case studies of painted artworks and presented methodological novelties or unconventional research approaches to the analysis with the accent placed on the role of time-depending process affecting the object's quality, originality, authenticity and state of preservation. The term painted artworks here covers easel and panel paintings, wall paintings, polychrome statues, illuminated manuscripts, painted objects of applied arts (on any support) and all related/alternative technologies to painting, such as, e.g. printing, dyeing, glazing etc. The conference program was divided into three sessions: Session 1 — Degradation phenomena, Session 2— Unclear past and Session 3— Unclear future.
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