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Dark matter and rotation curves of spiral galaxies

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    0461451 - MÚ 2017 RIV BG eng J - Journal Article
    Křížek, Michal - Křížek, Filip - Somer, L.
    Dark matter and rotation curves of spiral galaxies.
    Bulgarian astronomical journal. Roč. 25, April (2016), s. 64-77. ISSN 1313-2709
    R&D Projects: GA MŠMT(CZ) LG15052
    Institutional support: RVO:67985840 ; RVO:61389005
    Keywords : red dwarf * dark matter * spiral galaxy
    OECD category: Astronomy (including astrophysics,space science)

    We suggest that nonbaryonic dark matter need not be taken into account to explain the observed rapid rotation of spiral galaxies. The main reason is a special form of the gravitational potential of a flat disk which guarantees large orbital velocities of stars at the galaxy edge. In particular, we prove that a star orbiting a central mass point along a circular trajectory of radius R has a smaller speed than if it were to orbit a flat disk of radius R and the same mass with an arbitrary rotationally symmetric density distribution.
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