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Hydrogen or Soot?: Partial Oxidation of High-boiling Hydrocarbon Wastes

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    0444047 - ÚCHP 2016 RIV HR eng J - Journal Article
    Lederer, J. - Hanika, Jiří - Nečesaný, F. - Poslední, W. - Tukač, V. - Veselý, Václav
    Hydrogen or Soot?: Partial Oxidation of High-boiling Hydrocarbon Wastes.
    Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly. Roč. 29, č. 1 (2015), s. 5-11. ISSN 0352-9568. E-ISSN 1846-5153
    Institutional support: RVO:67985858
    Keywords : partial oxidation * waste * hydrocarbon
    Subject RIV: CI - Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
    Impact factor: 0.675, year: 2015

    This paper is focused on researching the influence of process parameters of partial oxidation, such as quality of hydrocarbon raw materials that differ in their stock properties (especially boiling point and viscosity) on the composition of output gas (selectivity of the process), and also on the formation extent of soot which could be used as an excellent and valued sorbent CHEZACARB® and/or filler in the rubber industry, e.g. for automotive tires. The effects of steam flow rate and the oxygen to raw material feed rate ratio is discussed as well. In addition, sensitivity of POX product composition depending on properties of different raw materials and reaction conditions were analysed in this study.
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