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Inter-regulation of the unfolded protein response and auxin signaling

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    0431515 - ÚEB 2015 RIV GB eng J - Journal Article
    Chen, Y.N. - Aung, K. - Rolčík, Jakub - Walicki, K. - Friml, J. - Brandizzi, F.
    Inter-regulation of the unfolded protein response and auxin signaling.
    Plant Journal. Roč. 77, č. 1 (2014), s. 97-107. ISSN 0960-7412. E-ISSN 1365-313X
    Institutional support: RVO:61389030
    Keywords : endoplasmic reticulum stress * unfolded protein response * auxin response
    Subject RIV: ED - Physiology
    Impact factor: 5.972, year: 2014

    The unfolded protein response (UPR) is a signaling network triggered by overload of protein-folding demand in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), a condition termed ER stress. The UPR is critical for growth and development; nonetheless, connections between the UPR and other cellular regulatory processes remain largely unknown. Here, we identify a link between the UPR and the phytohormone auxin, a master regulator of plant physiology. We show that ER stress triggers down-regulation of auxin receptors and transporters in Arabidopsis thaliana. We also demonstrate that an Arabidopsis mutant of a conserved ER stress sensor IRE1 exhibits defects in the auxin response and levels. These data not only support that the plant IRE1 is required for auxin homeostasis, they also reveal a species-specific feature of IRE1 in multicellular eukaryotes. Furthermore, by establishing that UPR activation is reduced in mutants of ER-localized auxin transporters, including PIN5, we define a long-neglected biological significance of ER-based auxin regulation. We further examine the functional relationship of IRE1 and PIN5 by showing that an ire1 pin5 triple mutant enhances defects of UPR activation and auxin homeostasis in ire1 or pin5. Our results imply that the plant UPR has evolved a hormone-dependent strategy for coordinating ER function with physiological processes.
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