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Terpenoid Profile of Artemisia Alba is Related to Endogenous Cytokinins in Vitro

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    0427109 - ÚEB 2014 RIV BG eng J - Journal Article
    Krumova, S. - Motyka, Václav - Dobrev, Petre - Todorova, M. - Trendafilova, A. - Evstatieva, L. - Danova, K.
    Terpenoid Profile of Artemisia Alba is Related to Endogenous Cytokinins in Vitro.
    Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science. Roč. 19, č. 2 (2013), s. 26-30. ISSN 1310-0351
    R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GAP506/11/0774
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z50380511
    Keywords : Artemisia alba * in vitro * endogenous cytokinins
    Subject RIV: EF - Botanics
    Impact factor: 0.136, year: 2012

    Modifications of plant growth regulators supplied to Artemisia alba in vitro cultures have been previously shown to affect plant morphogenesis and terpenoid profile of the essential oil of aerial parts. We report here on the effects of plant growth regulators on the terpenoid profile, structure of photosystem II in vitro as well as on the endogenous cytokinin levels of both above- and underground parts. The contents of cytokinin bioactive forms (free bases and ribosides) were followed.It was revealed that the growth regulators-modified growth and development as well as the alterations of photosystem II structural organization were related to the cytokinin levels of Artemisia alba. Thus, elevated monoterpenoid levels were associated with a higher peripheral antennae aggregation and elevation of trans-zeatin riboside, dihydrozeatin and dihydrozeatin riboside as well as N6-(2-isopentenyl) adenine in the aerials of the respective plant growth regulators treatments. These results imply of the role of exogenous factors such as cytokinins and auxins supplementation in affecting the terpenoid biogenesis in vitro by altering the levels of endogenous cytokinins and physiological status of the plant organism.
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