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Multilocus phylogeny of arvicoline voles (Arvicolini, Rodentia) shows small tree terrace size

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    0383942 - ÚBO 2013 RIV CZ eng J - Journal Article
    Martínková, Natália - Moravec, J.
    Multilocus phylogeny of arvicoline voles (Arvicolini, Rodentia) shows small tree terrace size.
    Folia zoologica. Roč. 61, 3-4 (2012), s. 254-267. ISSN 0139-7893
    R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAA600930609
    Institutional support: RVO:68081766
    Keywords : divergence * evolutionary history * supertree * supermatrix * phylogenetic tree terrace * Microtus * Arvicolinae
    Subject RIV: EG - Zoology
    Impact factor: 0.494, year: 2012

    We combined mitochondrial (cyb, control region, coi, nd4) and nuclear (irbp, ghr, sry, lcat) DNA sequence data to infer phylogenetic relationships of arvicoline voles. The concatenated supermatrix contained 72.8 % of missing data. From this dataset, Bayesian inference showed close relationships of Arvicola and Chionomys, Proedromys with Lasiopodomys and Microtus gregalis, Phaiomys with Neodon and M. clarkei. Genus Microtus formed a supported group with Blanfordimys and N. juldaschi. The gene partition taxon sets were explained in the multilocus phylogeny in such a way that the resulting Bayesian inference tree represented a unique solution on a terrace in the tree space. This means that although the supermatrix contained a large proportion of missing data, it was informative in retrieving a phylogeny with a unique optimality score, tree likelihood.
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