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Dielectric behaviour of nitrogen doped perovskite SrTiO.sub.3-δ./sub.N.sub.δ./sub. films

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    0580189 - FZÚ 2024 RIV GB eng J - Journal Article
    Tyunina, Marina - Rusevich, L.L. - Savinov, Maxim - Kotomin, E.A. - Dejneka, Alexandr
    Dielectric behaviour of nitrogen doped perovskite SrTiO3-δNδ films.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Roč. 11, č. 47 (2023), s. 16689-16698. ISSN 2050-7526. E-ISSN 2050-7534
    R&D Projects: GA MŠMT(CZ) EF16_019/0000760; GA ČR(CZ) GA22-10832S
    Grant - others:OP VVV - SOLID21(XE) CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000760; AV ČR(CZ) StrategieAV21/26
    Program: StrategieAV
    Institutional support: RVO:68378271
    Keywords : hight-permittivity dielectrics * ABO3 dielectrics * lattice vibrations * perovskite oxides
    OECD category: Condensed matter physics (including formerly solid state physics, supercond.)
    Impact factor: 6.4, year: 2022
    Method of publishing: Open access

    Technologically important high-permittivity dielectrics are often achieved using cationic engineering of ABO3-type perovskite para(ferro)electrics. Here, we experimentally and theoretically explore the potential of less conventional anionic engineering in ABO3 dielectrics. We demonstrate that in an archetypal representative SrTiO3, nitrogen substitution can occur on two distinct oxygen atomic sites, reduce crystal symmetry, and lead to significant changes in the patterns and frequencies of lattice vibrations. These phonon transformations diminish permittivity, whereas contribution from nitrogeninduced nanoregions can raise it. The effects of nitrogen are found to be especially strong in epitaxial films. We anticipate that the revealed phenomena may be relevant for a broad class of high-permittivity perovskite oxides.
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