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Bukov PVP underground research laboratory - geotechnical conditions of construction

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    0460707 - ÚGN 2017 RIV CZ eng C - Conference Paper (international conference)
    Souček, Kamil - Vavro, Martin - Staš, Lubomír - Koníček, Petr - Ptáček, Jiří - Waclawik, Petr - Vavro, Leona - Lednická, Markéta - Kaláb, Zdeněk - Šňupárek, Richard - Vondrovic, L.
    Bukov PVP underground research laboratory - geotechnical conditions of construction.
    Underground Construction Prague 2016, Eastern European Tunneling Conference (EETC 2016). Praha: ITA-AITES, 2016 - (Butovič, A.; Hilar, M.). ISBN 978-80-906452-1-9.
    [International Conference Underground Construction Prague 2016 /13./, Eastern European Tunneling Conference (EETC 2016) /3./. Praha (CZ), 23.05.2016-25.05.2016]
    Institutional support: RVO:68145535
    Keywords : Bukov URL * rock mass * radioactive waste
    Subject RIV: DH - Mining, incl. Coal Mining

    Bukov PVP Underground Research Laboratory (Bukov URL) is designed to be a test site for the evaluation of properties and behavior of the rock mass which is of similar type as selected candidate sites in the Czech Republic. It is situated at a depth corresponding to the proposed storage depth of the final locality for the national deep repository of high-level radioactive waste. The Bukov URL, the construction of which has begun in 2013, is situated in the southern part of the Rožná uranium deposit, at the northeastern periphery of the Strážek Moldanubicum close to its contact with the Svratka Unit. The rock mass is composed of relatively monotonous rock sequences primarily of a volcanosedimentary origin. They are currently represented, due to the subsequent tectonometa-morphic development, by migmatized biotite paragneisses up to stromatitic and/or oftalmitic migmatites, amphibole-biotite to biotite-amphibole gneisses, and amphibolites. The workings of the Bukov URL are situated on the level 12 of the Bukov-1 shaft, at the depth of about 600 m below the earth’s surface. The Bukov URL is still under construction and the research works by the consortium of several organizations – ÚJV Řež, a.s., Czech Geological Survey, Institute of Geonics of the CAS, v.v.i., and Arcadis CZ, a.s. - are carried out simultaneously. The research activities focus on a complex geological and geotechnical characterization of the rock mass of interest, which is vital for the realization of further research in situ. This paper briefly describes the technical solution of the Bukov URL and the process of its construction.
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