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Stereoselective behavior of Nafion® membranes towards (+)-.alpha.-pinene and (-)-.alpha.-pinene

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    0446726 - ÚMCH 2016 RIV DE eng J - Journal Article
    Brožová, Libuše - Žitka, Jan - Sysel, P. - Hovorka, Š. - Randová, A. - Storch, Jan - Kačírková, Marie - Izák, Pavel
    Stereoselective behavior of Nafion® membranes towards (+)-.alpha.-pinene and (-)-.alpha.-pinene.
    Chemical Engineering & Technology. Roč. 38, č. 9 (2015), s. 1617-1624. ISSN 0930-7516
    R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GAP106/12/0569
    Institutional support: RVO:61389013 ; RVO:67985858
    Keywords : enantiomers * Nafion® membrane * pinene
    Subject RIV: CD - Macromolecular Chemistry; CI - Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engineering (UCHP-M)
    Impact factor: 2.385, year: 2015

    Alpha-Pinene enantiomers were sorbed in Nafion® membranes. The membranes included a commercial extruded Nafion® 115 membrane as well as membranes prepared by casting a Nafion® solution, evaporating the solvent, and a thermal treatment at different temperatures. The microstructure of membranes was studied by small-angle and wide-angle X-ray scattering, and magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The change of membrane weight during the sorption process was determined with a sorption microbalance. Noticeable differences concerning the sorption behavior of the various membranes could be stated. The sorption of (+)-α-pinene and (−)-α-pinene in an extruded Nafion® membrane turned out to be rather low.
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