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Source localization for EEG patterns relevant to motor imagery BCI control

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    0398546 - ÚI 2014 RIV CZ eng K - Conference Paper (Czech conference)
    Bobrov, P. - Frolov, A. - Húsek, Dušan - Tintěra, J.
    Source localization for EEG patterns relevant to motor imagery BCI control.
    WOFEX 2013. Ostrava: VŠB - Technical University, 2013 - (Krátký, P.; Dvorský, J.; Moravec, P.), s. 459-464. ISBN 978-80-248-3073-5.
    [WOFEX 2013. Annual workshop /11./. Ostrava (CZ), 10.09.2013-11.09.2013]
    Grant - others:GA MŠk(CZ) ED1.1.00/02.0070; GA MŠk(CZ) EE.
    Program: ED
    Institutional support: RVO:67985807
    Keywords : brain computer interface * inverse EEG problem * brain activity location * signal classification * independent component analysis
    Subject RIV: IN - Informatics, Computer Science

    This work concerns spatial localization of sources of EEG patterns the most specific for control of the motor imagery based BCI. In our previous work we have shown that performance of Bayesian BCI classifier can be drastically improved by extraction of the most relevant independent components of the EEG signal. This paper presents the results of spatial localization of electrical brain activity sources which activity is reflected by the extracted components. The localization was performed by solving the inverse problem in EEG source localization, using individual finite-element head models. The sources were located in central sulcus (Brodmann area 3a), in the superior regions of post- and precentral gyri, and supplementary motor cortex.
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