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Mixed Oxides of Transition Metals as Catalysts for Total Ethanol Oxidation

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    0376467 - ÚCHP 2013 RIV SK eng J - Journal Article
    Ludvíková, Jana - Jirátová, Květa - Kovanda, F.
    Mixed Oxides of Transition Metals as Catalysts for Total Ethanol Oxidation.
    Chemical Papers. Roč. 66, č. 6 (2012), s. 589-597. ISSN 0366-6352.
    [International Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering /38./. Tatranské Matliare, 23.05.2011-27.05.2011]
    R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP106/10/1762; GA ČR GD203/08/H032
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40720504
    Keywords : volatile organic compound * total oxidation * layered double hydroxidesLDH precursors
    Subject RIV: CI - Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
    Impact factor: 0.879, year: 2012

    Oxidative catalysts containing various combinations of Cu, Co, Ni, Mn, and Al, grained or supported on Al2O3/Al, were studied in terms of their chemical and physical properties and activity in total ethanol oxidation. Ternary co-precipitated catalysts in the form of grains obtained from layered double hydroxide-like precursors were highly active, especially those containing manganese. Deposition of the selected precursors on an anodised aluminium foil-support afforded less active catalysts, mainly because the required metal molar ratios were not achieved, and insufficient amounts of metals were deposited. However, by controlling the preparation conditions (pH), higher loading of active components and higher catalytic activity were obtained.
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