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Review/Citation:  DIMITROVA, Miglena, WEINZETTL, Vladimír, MATĚJÍČEK, Jiří, POPOV, T., MARINOV, S., COSTEA, S., DEJARNAC, Renaud, STÖCKEL, Jan, HAVLÍČEK, Josef, PÁNEK, Radomír. Plasma interaction with tungsten samples in the COMPASS tokamak in ohmic ELMy H-modes. In: emJournal of Physics Conference Series/em. Vol. 700. Bristol: IOP Publishing, Ltd., 2016, s. 012008. IOPscience. ISSN 1742-6588. E-ISSN 1742-6596

Requested document:  0460257 _Dimitrova_JPCS_700_1_012008.pdf - Publisher’s postprint

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0460257 _Dimitrova_JPCS_700_1_012008.pdf

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