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Review/Citation:  Dong, L.F., Jameson, V.J.A., Tilly, D., Černý, Jiří, Mahdavian, E., Marin-Hernandez, A., Hernandez-Esquivel, L., Rodriguez-Enriquez, S., Štursa, Jan, Witting, P.K., Stantic, B., Rohlena, Jakub, Truksa, Jaroslav, Klučková, Katarína, Dyason, J.C., Ledvina, Miroslav, Salvatore, B.A., Moreno-Sanchez, R., Coster, M., Ralph, S.J., Smith, A.J., Neužil, Jiří. Mitochondrial targeting of vitamin E succinate enhances its pro-apoptotic and anti-cancer activity via mitochondrial complex. emJournal of Biological Chemistry. /em 2011, 286(5), 3717-3728. ISSN 0021-9258

Requested document:  Dong et al., 2011, JBC.pdf - Publisher’s postprint

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