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Review/Citation:  KOVAŘÍČEK, Petr, NADÁŽDY, V., PLUHAŘOVÁ, Eva, BRUNOVÁ, A., SUBAIR, R., VEGSO, K., GUERRA, Valentino Libero Pio, VOLOCHANSKYI, Oleksandr, KALBÁČ, Martin, KRASNANSKY, A., PANDIT, P., ROTH, S. V., HINDERHOFER, A., MAJKOVÁ, E., JERGEL, M., TIAN, J., SCHREIBER, F., ŠIFFALOVIČ, P. Crystallization of 2D Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites Templated by Conductive Substrates. emAdvanced Functional Materials. /em 2021, 31(13)), 2009007. ISSN 1616-301X. E-ISSN 1616-3028

Requested document:  0539487.pdf - Publisher’s postprint

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