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    0556479 - SOÚ 2023 US eng J - Journal Article
    Maříková, Hana - Vohlídalová, Marta
    To Be or Not to Be a Parent? Parenting Aspiration of Men with Non-Normative Sexual Identities in Czechia.
    LGBTQ+ Family: An Interdisciplinary Journal. (XXXX). ISSN 2770-3371. E-ISSN 2770-338X
    R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA18-07456S
    Institutional support: RVO:68378025
    Keywords : Parenting desires and intentions * male sexual identities * barriers to gay parenthood * Czech Republic/Czechia * CEE country
    OECD category: Social topics (Women´s and gender studies; Social issues; Family studies; Social work)
    Method of publishing: Open access
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