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    0548706 - BÚ 2022 RIV FR eng J - Journal Article
    Jakšová, J. - Adamec, Lubomír - Petřík, Ivan - Novák, Ondřej - Šebela, M. - Pavlovič, A.
    Contrasting effect of prey capture on jasmonate accumulation in two genera of aquatic carnivorous plants (Aldrovanda, Utricularia).
    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Roč. 166, SEP 2021 (2021), s. 459-465. ISSN 0981-9428
    Institutional support: RVO:67985939 ; RVO:61389030
    Keywords : Jasmonic acid * Aldrovanda vesiculosa * Utricularia reflexa
    OECD category: Biochemistry and molecular biology; Biochemistry and molecular biology (UEB-Q)
    Impact factor: 5.437, year: 2021
    Method of publishing: Limited access
    Permanent Link:
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