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    0531797 - FGÚ 2021 RIV US eng J - Journal Article
    Trávníčková, Martina - Pajorová, Julia - Zárubová, Jana - Kročilová, Nikola - Molitor, M. - Bačáková, Lucie
    The Influence of Negative Pressure and of the Harvesting Site on the Characteristics of Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Cells from Lipoaspirates.
    Stem Cells International. Roč. 2020, Feb 10 (2020), č. článku 1016231. ISSN 1687-966X. E-ISSN 1687-9678
    R&D Projects: GA MŠk(CZ) LQ1604; GA MZd(CZ) NV15-33018A
    Institutional support: RVO:67985823
    Keywords : adipose tissue-derived stromal cells * tissue engineering * harvesting site * harvesting site * proliferation * viability
    OECD category: Technologies involving the manipulation of cells, tissues, organs or the whole organism (assisted reproduction)
    Impact factor: 5.443, year: 2020
    Method of publishing: Open access
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