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    0520959 - ÚACH 2020 NO eng A - Abstract
    Hnyk, Drahomír - Holub, Josef - Baše, Tomáš - Macháček, Jan - Vishnevskiy,, Y.V. - Reuter, C. G. - Mitzel, N. W. - Wann, D. A.
    Chalcogens Outerly and Innerly Functionalize Various Boron-Based Cages. Molecular Structures of the Resulting Heteroboranes Determined Using Electron Diffraction and Computational Protocols.
    ISTCP-X. Book of Abstracts. Tromsø: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, 2019. P2/107.
    [Triennial Congress of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics /10./. 11.07.2019-17.07.2019, Tromsø]
    Institutional support: RVO:61388980
    Keywords : Boron-Based Cages
    Subject RIV: CA - Inorganic Chemistry
    OBOR OECD: Inorganic and nuclear chemistry
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