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    0500237 - ÚFE 2019 RIV US eng C - Conference Paper (international conference)
    Dalidet, R. - Peterka, Pavel - Doya, V. - Aubrecht, Jan - Koška, Pavel
    Pump absorption in coiled and twisted double-clad hexagonal fiber: effect of launching conditions and core location.
    Fiber Lasers XV: Technology and Systems, Proceedings of SPIE. Vol. 10512. Bellingham: SPIE, 2018 - (Hartl, I.; Carter, A.), č. článku 105122P. ISBN 978-151061509-0. ISSN 0277-786X.
    [Fiber Lasers XV: Technology and Systems. San Francisco (US), 29.01.2018-01.02.2018]
    R&D Projects: GA TA ČR TH01010997; GA MŠk(CZ) LD15122
    Grant - others:COST ACTION(XE) MP1401- AFLASER
    Institutional support: RVO:67985882
    Keywords : fiber design and fabrication * fiber lasers * optical pumping
    Subject RIV: JA - Electronics ; Optoelectronics, Electrical Engineering
    OBOR OECD: Electrical and electronic engineering
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