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    0373241 - FGÚ 2012 RIV IT eng O - Others
    Michálek, Jan - Čapek, Martin - Kubínová, Lucie
    Non-rigid registration of CLSM images of physical sections with discontinuous deformations.
    Proceedings 10th Multinational Congress on Microscopy 2011. Urbino: Societa Italiana Scienze Micriscopiche, 2011. s. 201-202
    R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA102/08/0691; GA ČR(CZ) GA304/09/0733; GA MŠk(CZ) LC06063; GA MŠk(CZ) ME09010; GA MŠk(CZ) MEB0810092
    Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z50110509
    Keywords : confocal microscopy * image registration * multilabel optimization
    Subject RIV: JC - Computer Hardware ; Software
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