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Changes in the Funding Composition of Czech Science

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    0544088 - FLÚ 2022 RIV BE eng C - Konferenční příspěvek (zahraniční konf.)
    Hladík, Radim
    Changes in the Funding Composition of Czech Science.
    18th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics: ISSI2021: Proceedings. Leuven: International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, 2021 - (Glänzel, W.; Heeffer, S.; Chi, P.; Rousseau, R.), s. 1486-1487. ISBN 978-90-803282-2-8. ISSN 2175-1935.
    [International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics: ISSI 2021 /18./. Leuven (BE), 12.07.2021-15.07.2021]
    Grant CEP: GA ČR(CZ) GJ20-01752Y
    Institucionální podpora: RVO:67985955
    Klíčová slova: Czech science * funding * grants * research policy * disciplines
    Kód oboru RIV: AF - Dokumentace, knihovnictví, práce s informacemi
    Obor OECD: Library science

    The contribution tracks funding acknowledgements of publications published by Czech scientists and reported in the Information Register of R&D results (RIV). The analysis reveals that while the rate of project funding for scientific publications remains stable, the structure of funding providers is changing. Data show the growing importance of government-administered project funding in several fields, especially in the agricultural and medical disciplines. Humanities and social sciences largely depend on the Czech Science Foundation for project funding, but project funding is overall less important to them than to other scientific fields.
    Trvalý link: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0321153
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