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Combining UV photodissociation with electron transfer for peptide structure analysis

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    Shaffer, C. J. - Marek, Aleš - Pepin, R. - Slováková, K. - Tureček, F.
    Combining UV photodissociation with electron transfer for peptide structure analysis.
    Journal of Mass Spectrometry. Roč. 50, č. 3 (2015), s. 470-475. ISSN 1076-5174
    Institucionální podpora: RVO:61388963
    Klíčová slova: electron transfer dissociation * laser photodissociation * peptide ions * cation radical * chromophores * isomer distinction
    Kód oboru RIV: CE - Biochemie
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    The combination of near-UV photodissociation with electron transfer and collisional activation provides a new tool for structure investigation of isolated peptide ions and reactive intermediates. Two new types of pulse experiments are reported. In the first one called UV/Vis photodissociation-electron transfer dissociation (UVPD-ETD), diazirine-labeled peptide ions are shown to undergo photodissociation in the gas phase to form new covalent bonds, guided by the ion conformation, and the products are analyzed by electron transfer dissociation. In the second experiment, called ETD-UVPD wherein synthetic labels are not necessary, electron transfer forms new cation-peptide radical chromophores that absorb at 355nm and undergo specific backbone photodissociation reactions. The new method is applied to distinguish isomeric ions produced by ETD of arginine containing peptides.
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