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Consolidation of weak lime mortars by means of saturated solution of calcium hydroxide or barium hydroxide

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    Slížková, Zuzana - Drdácký, Miloš - Viani, Alberto
    Consolidation of weak lime mortars by means of saturated solution of calcium hydroxide or barium hydroxide.
    Journal of Cultural Heritage. Roč. 16, č. 4 (2015), s. 452-460 ISSN 1296-2074
    Grant CEP: GA MK(CZ) DF11P01OVV012; GA MŠk(CZ) LO1219
    Klíčová slova: lime water * barium water * lime mortar * consolidation * peeling test * mechanical characteristic * physical characteristic * metakaolin
    Kód oboru RIV: AL - Umění, architektura, kulturní dědictví
    Impakt faktor: 1.533, rok: 2015

    This paper presents research results on the effects of repeated treatments with saturated solutions of calcium hydroxide (lime water) or barium hydroxide (barium water) on consolidating a friable lime mortar. The influence of lime or barium water treatment on various mainly mechanical characteristics of consolidated lime mortar was studied in detail by means of tests on non-standard specimens fabricated from a poor mortar of 1:9 vol. lime-to-sand ratio. The traditional lime water technology and barium hydroxide treatment were further compared with distilled water and lime water with added metakaolin.Lime water treatment of a specific lime mortar was shown to be effective after a sufficiently large number of applications (160 saturation) into a weak lime mortar. No consolidating effect of distilled water on the compressive strength of the tested mortar with a low lime content (1:9) was observed. The mechanical characteristics of the tested mortar were not improved by treatment with lime water with added metakaolin. Barium water treatment significantly increased mainly the tensile strength of the tested lime mortar.
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